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Gluten Free Mascara, But Not Made On Gluten Free Lines...should I Wear It?

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The mascara by 'just for red heads' is gluten free but, it is not made on gluten free lines. So there could be trace amounts that would get into the solution but, would that then get in your eyes?

What would you do? What do you do? I want a very light brown mascara and I can only find it through them. An alternative I have heard of was mixing vaseline and eyeshadow for the right gluten free color and then buying a mascara wand..I haven't tried this yet.

What would you do?

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I don't worry about gluten in my mascara at all. The chance that I get mascara in my mouth is very slim. As cosmetics go, I am very careful about lipsticks and any lotion or creamy foundation I use on my face and near my mouth. I am also careful with the powdered cosmetics I use, as powder tends to go all over the place.

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