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Lactose Test

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See my signature line for history lol. It is long sorry. I am think I may finally be having issues to milk or lactose. I say finally becuase milk seemed to be my favorite drink as a child and now at age 29 still is a big part of my life. Every single morning. Since my whole fiasco has started in January my stomach gets upset, basically gurgling, and the urge to almost have to go to the bathroom. Every morning i have coffee with milk and a glass of milk with cereal or now a days gluten free breakfast bar. They only thing I have been given for test is blood work. I fasted and they took blood. I see everywhere online that when doing blood test for this you are suppose to drink a solution first. I did not? Is blood work the end all result to tell if you are or are not intolerant? I also did Hydrogen breath test for SIBO, and although I drank solution and had mild spikes, they were looking for SIBO not lactose intolarences, SIBO was negative? Any suggestions?? Regardless I am going to stop milk and dairy for a while to see what happens.

My history

01/09 went to emergency room for severe bloating and cramping in stomach

02/09 follow-up with above to go over symptoms of diarrhea, bloating, upset stomach, and cramps. Lots of blood work was done and scheduled Colonoscopy and Endoscopy

03/09 Both Colon and Endo were done, and blood back, no lactose, no celiac, no signs of UC or Chrons. Only mild colitis in Colon and GERD.

04/09 problems get worse even on Lialda and Aciphex. I demanded more blood be done to rule out Chrons and UC and scheduled CT Scan.

05/09 CT Scan only showed diverticulosis. Blood triggers negative for UC and Chrons

07/09 After months of being frustrated went back to new specialist who told me I could have SIBO. And he thinks regardless of biopsies I could have Celiac because my mom does and everything seems to fit as far as symptoms and history.

08/09 Hydrogen breath test normal. Very little spiking no concern.

09/09 Voluntarily went Gluten free to try to self Diagnosis.

10/09 feel much better as far as stomach pain, but continue to have the big D at bowel movement time. and every morning after coffee and breakfast I get stomach issues and feel as if I can go to bathroom at any moment. My morning ritual includes milk! I am now thinking I was never checked properly for lactose intolerance?

Thank you

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