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Good Blood Test Black So Confused

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Ok first off, i went to a family remember and they suggested this person (Eastern Medicine) and she said they have helped out my Uncle a lot on what to eat and not to. Seems to work well for him, i wouln't know. So i gave it a shot, since western doctor isn't seem to help at all. Well this is what it said. It dosn't make any frickin sense to me at least.

Eggs, Anything its in also (Total no no ok can belive that after other day i got supper sick from them), Then here is when it gets wired.


It says to avoid Fruit with cane suger and beet suger together. (4 hours min between at least NO IDEA here)

Fruit: Apples, Pears, Berries, etc (I don't know about this one) never had a issue with apples and i eat lot of them. Sometimes sore throat after bannanas, and melons.

Wine, Cider, etc

Soft Drinks: None at all? WTF wired here to i don't know

Charcoal Filters: Water filters, Ciggs. Ok this one if really wired for me. I do smoke, and also drink water out of a Pur system at home and work. (Never had issues)

Essentail Oils, Cleaning Products, scented things. (DO agree this stuff drives me nuts)

No Nutrittional Supplements, (Fruit based) Wtf here also..

No White flour, or Wheat Flower, (I think wheat flower has Fuit or The acid in there) Citric, and ascorbic.

no Fake Artificial Sweetner

Add Cell Salt Nat Mur 5 pills a day 2-3 months. ??

Can anyone translate? lol Do you guys think this is true?

While i was eating and getting sick, Maybe it was egg. Does Cinnimon Toast Crunch have eggs?

When i got sick one night all i have was Ice Cream one night

Also one night got sick from the Trader Joe's Glutten Free tacos. (Have no eggs i checked) Does have the citric acid.

Eat food early

avoid food with high fat, for oil...

I didn't feel good drinking Vodkla Even a drink or two feel it next day more then Usual. (Made a opps it was Wheat based)

Wow any comments/Suggestings

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I am going to suggest that you avoid what they are telling you to avoid and make an appointment to get the results throughly explained to you. Write down your questions and bring them in with you, write down the doctors answers to be sure that you understand them and that they have understood your questions.

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All that "Eastern" medicine sounds suspect to me... awfully close to wierd science.

Find a good nutritionist. Your "Western" doctor or a teaching hospital should be able to reccommend one. Then learn how to become truly gluten free. If you think you have other allergies (eggs, dairy) be tested for them.

Your gut is in a mess if you have just been diagnosed Celiac. Eat easily digested foods for at least 6 months to heal. Then add ather things back gradually.

Celiac is a reaction to gluten... not a result of what foods you eat together or the time between eating certain foods.

I'm not saying your Eastern specialist is not sincere and maybe right for some people. There are, however, a lot of charlatans that will take your money without any ability to really help you.

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