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If Iam Celiac Would Eating Glutemn Cause A Low Tsh?

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Iam being investigated for endocrine problems, I do have big problems with foods, bread, yeast, fats etc but have been tested via biopsy and donthave celiac.

I do have a systemic candidas intestinal infection.

When i ate a gluten free / candida diet drunk coffee and smoked a cigarette before blood test my tsh was high 2.94 low T4

Every time ive eaten gluten / caniddas foods my tsh has been low 0.60 low T4 and low T3

BUT I also didnt smoke before tests or drink any caffine

So I dont know if the smoking and coffee elevated my tsh / metabulsium as i know smoking raises cortisol etc and coffee.


I had a bad infection last week, started antibiotics and then had flu symptoms, dioreah and suddenly started have pain in my tum. Admitted to hospital, put me on a drip as infection was so bad and I got even worse - dioreah, pain in stoamah every 20 mins and vomiting aswell, lost weight too..

I also had high amylase indicating pancreatitis but when they stopped teh antibiotics it seemed to go back to normal!!!

I was on a gyne ward and thay said that it was a endocrine problem and didnt help any further as Iam under the care of a london hospital (supposed to be anyway)..

Id really appreciate your thoughts, I know AI can go hand in hand with celiac but its hard to know whats causing what, especially when you have a negative celiac biopsy and blood tests.

They think I ve ended up with servere candias due to so many antibiotics at the begining.

Thank you for listening to me


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