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Greetings all! My name is Alex. I am new to the forum and relatively new to celiac so I was wondering if I might be able to get some introductory assistance ;)

I travel once a month for business (I work for a consulting firm) and am finding my biggest challenge is eating safely while I am on the road. Most of the time I will either bring my own food or go to markets and buy things that I know are safe, but it gets frustrating sometimes. I go to places like Charleston, Richmond, New York, Miami, etc where there are wonderful restaurants everywhere, but I am so afraid to eat out. On occasion I will go to an Outback, a PF Changs and usually perform my due diligence prior to the trips, but even when I eat at places with gluten free menus I still never know if the food I'm eating is safe. I suppose I wanted to get some feedback and see if any of y'all travel and how you manage your diet when you are away from home. Do you guys feel its just best to avoid restaurants all together?

I would love to hear from you and feel free to drop me a line anytime you want to chat.


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Hi Alex and welcome!

We have many members here who travel and I will let them comment about their experience.

I would like to recommend the Triumph Dining Guide, which lists hundreds of gluten friendly restaurants in cities around the US. It also lists phone numbers and email contacts. It can be found here on the Gluten Free Mall or online. They also have Dining Cards, which you can present to the manager or chef, which explains the precautions for Celiac dining. I have no interest in Triumph other than I am a big fan.

Even though I live in a small community, I have found city restaurants to be fairly knowledgeable regarding eating gluten free. It's quite a pleasant surprize from just a few short years ago.

It's not as daunting as it may seem. Good luck and welcome again.

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It sounds like you go to mostly large cities that should be able to offer you places to eat fairly safely. Doing research on each city will help you locate restaurants. If you contact the local celiac group in each city they will be able to provide you with excellent choices.

I live in a small town (less then 9000). There are a few place to eat and the local grocery store has a support group that meets monthly. Celiac Disease is becoming a household word.

If you do a search on each place you visit on this site you may find someone else has already asked where to eat. If there isn't anything listed under the city you are going to visit try starting a new topic titled such as "Visiting Richmond, VA, know any restaurants?".

You might find some here too.


When you return from your visit please post what you found in each city.

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