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  1. Walmarts has the same ingredients but does say it gluten free.
  2. I picked up some Land of Lakes Heavy Whipping cream only because our local Walmart was out of their brand. I use whipping cream in my coffee and with berries every day. I've never had a reaction to the other two brands I've used (Walmart and Kemps). I'm wondering if anyone else has had a reaction to this brand. I know some people can't tolerate dairy but this isn't a problem for me. This is the second time I've reacted to Land of Lakes. Any ideas? Forgot to add the ingredients: heavy cream, contains less than 0.5% of the following: mono and diglycerides, polysorbate 80 and carrageenan
  3. I didn't know the about the rough and smooth side of the wrap. Cool. I've made these a lot. Can be filled with salad too.
  4. Carefully check everything he eats in one day. Each and everything that goes into his mouth. Drinks, toothpaste, gum, candy and all his regular food. My DD was drinking root beer until we figured out the brand had gluten in it. Orange pop is another thing you won't think had gluten. You will find it. Are his symptoms going away? Remember to even check meats. Chicken can be injected with chicken broth that could have gluten. A lot of meats are now being injected with broths. Makes us pay more for less.
  5. Sourdough bread - toast and french toast style Croissants Baguettes Pizza For the above I use Against the Grain products. They do contain cheese so they are not for dairy free eaters. Their Baguettes make excellent subs too. Their pizza crust is like a croissant crust. Excellent if you can have this brand. Pasta For pasta my favorite is Bi-Aglut. I order online when I have the money for a case or two. If I'm counting pennies I buy Schar pasta. No one who's eaten at my house thinks these pastas are gluten-free. These are corn based.
  6. $0 Can't really think of anything I'd pay to eat. I've been gluten free long enough that I can make most anything taste great and gluten free. My pizza gets compliments that it is better than glutened pizza. Only thing I would like is for the frozen gluten-free phyllo dough to be available in my area. But it's not something I miss enough that I'm willing to make from scratch.
  7. Yes to less grey and my hair color is stronger than it has been in years. Thanks for the post. I thought I was seeing things. lol
  8. I've tried the gluten free oats. I know they were not Bob's (hate Bob's anything) and they were not Quacker's. I'd have to go to the store to see the brand name. They were about $8 for a little package. The oats bother me just like it had gluten. No to oats here.
  9. Ahorsesoul

    Greek Chicken

    I've made this several times. It is so good. I usually just make it as a salad and not a wrap. tfs
  10. Love the list!! After talking with the Celiac doctor and the Allergist at Mayo Clinic I have tossed out everything we used. I now use Vanicream (bar soap, moisturing lotions, lip balm), Free & Clear products (hair care) along with Cetaphil Cleanser(instead of soft soap for washing hands). Yep, tossed everything else. The Free & Clear shampoo and the Cetaphil Cleanser have taken a little time to get use to using. They do not produce the suds I'm use to but my skin loves it. I use the Vanicream moisturizing lotions even on my face. Cetaphil Cleanser can be used instead of hand sanitizers. Most can be found at your local pharmacy or your pharmacy can order them for you. All are over the counter but some are kept with the drugs so you have to ask. I find them at my local Wal-Mart and Target stores. Info on Free & Clear and Vaniceam product can be read about the the Pharmaceutical Specialities website called psico dot com.
  11. Cubed Cube steak with a fried onion cream sauce with fresh asparagus.
  12. Tonight I made Jessica Seinfeld's recipe for her DH, Jerry's favorite sandwich: Balsamic Chicken Sandwich. I just used Pamela's flour and Against the Grain Baguettes. Was to die for. Found the recipe in March 20, 2011 Parade Magazine in the newspaper. You can search on "Balsamic Chicken Sandwich" and "Seinfeld" to find the recipe. I did two things different. (ok 3) I pounded the chicken breast thin. I figured a whole piece of chicken would be easier in a sandwich. And I did not use any broth. This made the sauce very syrupy so it did not drip off the chicken. I decreased the cooking time since the chicken was thin and did not have the broth. Will make this again and again.
  13. You can search on myblessedlife and pumpkin to find the recipe I use. It was posted on Sept 20, 2010. I use a Betty Crocker's Yellow cake mix and only 1/2 cup better. It's good with pecan or with sliced almonds. This recipe is not a diet recipe. lol
  14. Roasted turkey with Sausage Stuffing (Udi bread, cubed with cooked Beeler's Sausage, onions, shredded carrots, red peppers, mixed with an beaten up egg), some leftover veggies and a salad. Making either Pumpkin Crunch cake or Crock Pot Pumpkin Pie Pudding for dessert.
  15. I was going to do Fried Fish Sandwich with Wasabi Coleslaw but a number of people on another forum were fixing Tacos. So tonight will be Taco Rice. I love the stuff. I got the idea off of The Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen. Search for "Okinawan Takoraisu". I personally just make taco fixings and put on rice. I do not do the soy sauce. I'm sure it's good using the recipe too.