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Juicing And Dh

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Has anyone used juicing to help heal digestive tract and provide enzymes and nutrition?

How has skin reacted? I thought it might be a good thing to do since the body does not seem to absorb vitamins and supplements in pill form, when it is so wrecked from Celiac.

I do not like many vegetables and don't eat a lot of fruit, so for me, I wondered if this is what got me in this bad shape in the first place, along with processed food.

A friend bought a Champion Juicer, and I have had beet/green/carrot veg juice and fruit juices.

Funny, but I don't mind the veggies in the juice, but I hate beets, kale, spinach. I will eat salad with basic veggies and cook with celery, onions, garlic, peppers.

I sure have a lot of energy after the veggie juice, and it is mood lifting. Seems to clear brain fog.

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Hi again, yes, vegetable etc. juicing is excellent for detoxing and giving you extra energy. All those fresh enzymes are very good for you. You could however also blend the veggies and that way get fiber. Its your choice however.

You can get fiber other ways--like grind up some fresh flax seed (1 to 2 tablesp.) in a coffee grinder and maybe add 1/4 tsp. apple pectin before the grind. Mix the ground seeds etc. in a glass of water and then chase with another glass of water.


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I have some flax seeds and some chia seeds. I do make brown rice and roasted vegetables quite often, as well as beans and vegetables. I eat some meat, but only a few times a week. I am trying to eat more salads.

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