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How To Calm Down The Immune System

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I am looking for some supplements or natural things I can do to calm down my immune system. I think it is very active right due to various food intolerances that I have and I would like to learn about things that could possibly calm it down.

I of course will be eliminating various problem foods for me, but I think taking something else or doing something else along with this, at least over the next few weeks, would help calm my immune system down even further.

My doc recommended something called tumeric. Is this good? And what other things might be good or something worth looking into.

Thank you.

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Tumeric is simply a spice! It would be easily obtained and I've read its good for the system. After alot of self-researching, I felt like I had what is called a "leaky gut" and that needed healing as I was finding out what foods were my intolerances. My doc didn't know much about what I was going thru but she encouraged me to eat yogurts that were high with the acidolphilus (good bacteria) to add that back into my intestines. As I'm dairy intolerant also, I couldn't find a non-dairy option for that. There are also supplements of it but most of them also have dairy in them. I found Kirkland Labs (www.kirklandlabs.com) that has a GREAT choice of allergen-free products, one being acidolphilus. I have been taking them ever since. I took a double dose for a couple of weeks and felt a real difference in my digestion in that length of time. I now take 1x/day unless I feel I've been "glutened" or affected by some of my other food intolerances and then I take 2x/day again for a few days. It really does seem to help.

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