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Feeling Overwhelmbed

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can sonmeone help me?

i feel toatally lost.

ive got low thyrod on 175mg thyroxine,bad adrenals,low dhea ,high rt3,massively ove weight,positive celiac bloods neg biopsy and crash regularry.

i dont know what to change first or whats causing what ,im terrified and my head feels so wooly i cant concentate on a plan,i dodnt have a dr helping me and struggle every day.


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We not doctors and can't give medical advice as a substitute for professional help so please make the best use of the medical support you have available or find some that can support you. You should not have to bear this burden alone. Eduacate yourself and advocate for yourself. That being said, I hope that you will find this forum to be a good source of support.

Some knowledgeable doctors these days will make a diagnosis based on positive bloodwork and dietary response, with or without conclusive biopsies. There are false negatives but not false positives. You don't have to take my word for it. Check CSA, GIG or Mayo Clinic, Columbia University celiac disease Center, all have websites with info. about testing and diagnosis.

Certainly start a gluten-free diet and stick with it strictly. celiac disease affects all systems in the body so being gluten-free will help everything. There is a healing process and it takes time, longer for some than others, so you will want to take other measures to treat your other problems as well.

Start with all-natural, unprocessed foods-meats, veg., fruits, rice, etc. That will give you more time to learn the ins and outs of reading labels, dining out etc. and will help you feel better and hopefully heal quicker. You can add in products-mainstream and specialty gluten-free ones once you've got the very basic diet down. Focus on getting a good amount of quality protein at each meal to fill you and having a moderate portion of carbs. That will give you more stable blood sugar and help with more stable energy levels to keep you going.

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