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Celiac, Ileitis, Or Ibs?

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I have been tested for Celiac with blood test and biopsy. I have also had a colonoscopy. I am not sure what the result mean or what to do next can someone help me?

My dad has Crohn's and I have had stomach problems for a long time. Some of my symptoms are abdominal pain, bloating, extreme diarrhea all within mins of eating (not all the time but sometimes, it comes and goes), most always have diarrhea when I drink coffee, orange juice, tea, and grape juice. I also have very low vitamin D. I am very tired all the time do not sleep well (may be because of working swing shifts but never really slept good), I also get very irritable very easily. I have had hives sometimes when I eat, I can have the same thing to eat two days in a row and have hives one day and not the other.

The biopsy did not show any signs of crohn's, colitis, no aphthous ulcers, they also said I did not have celiac. I had inflamed villi in the terminal ileum which Dr said suggestive of ileitis. What is this and what do I do about it?

blood test results

Gliadin Antibody IgG <3

reference range <11 negative

11-17 equivocal

>17 positive

Gliadin Antibody IgA (high) 25

reference range <11 negative

11-17 equivocal

>17 positive

Endomysical Ab (IgA) screen negative

tTG-IgG Ab: <3

reference range <7 negative

7-10 equivocal

>10 positive

tTG IgA Ab: <3

reference range <5 negative

5-8 equivocal

>8 positive

IgA: 293

reference range 81 to 463

Please help me find out what this is?!


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