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John D

The Making Of Bread

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Hello, my name is John and I'm new here as you've probably guessed. Last year, we found out that 2 of our children (Daughter 11 and Son 5) had a gluten allergy - milk as well. We've been working real hard to eliminate things from their diet and for a while they were doing okay. Then they started getting worse again and we took them to the doctor for more tests. We had a multitude of testing done and now we find out that they also have to watch out for eggs, dairy, rice/soy, beef, almonds and even a few of the fruits.

Now firstly, this is just all so surreal for us and we just can't understand how this all came about and why? Our kids are having a hard time of it so far. Regardless, I've been working real hard in the last few weeks in finding substitutes for them that they will enjoy eating. One thing that has been a total failure so far is bread. We used to make the Pamela's Bread Mix in the bread machine and the kids really enjoyed it. With the rice flour and eggs however, I can't use it anymore.

I've tried a number of substitutions (sorghum, amaranth, quinoa, millet, powdered egg replacer) and recipes and every one of them so far has initially looked good but they all sank in the middle when I took them out. They were basically hollow and the loaf another brick for the trash. This flour isn't cheap and we are just sick at the waste so far and I'm at my wits end for why this is happening. Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong and why this is happening?

I'm not a cook..just a concerned father wanting to give my kids some good nutrition food that won't make them sick and that tastes good too...any help, guidance, advice, suggestions...anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Check out www.Udisglutenfree.com They are in the Denver area and ship breads that are Gluten, Dairy, Soy and Nut free. You might want to order some to get you thru the mean time while you find a recipe. There should be someone online who might have one or possibly a library book?

Sorry to hear that your kids are suffering from so many food allergies.

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