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Shampoo, Conditioner

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I was one of those who thought I didn't have to worry if my shampoo or conditioner had gluten in it. I honestly did figure, "I don't get it in my mouth, so what's the big deal?"

Well, nearly two years into my gluten-free life, I developed a very annoying rash on my forehead. Red, spotty, with little flakes and "scabs". Painful, too. I thought it was acne--I've had this kind of rash before and was told by a dermatologist that it was acne--and I was treating it with a scrub cleanser and salicylic acid. It would wax and wane, get a little better, a little worse. I wondered if it was cycle-related, or food-related, tried cutting out sugar and dairy...nothing.

Then I finally got around to looking at my shampoo and conditioner. I avoid sulfates in my shampoo, so I had found JASON Biotin shampoo and conditioner at the grocery store. Lo and behold, there on the label was "wheat protein." I felt so stupid. And I realized that I had started using this shampoo a few months ago, which was around when my rash started to flare.

And I've realized since that because my hair is long, sometimes I fiddle with my hair, it gets near my mouth, and...duh.

Oh, and I realized my Garnier Fructis face scrub has oat amino acids...maybe that doesn't have gluten in it, maybe it does, but I'm going to play it safe.

Well, I confess here and now, as a former "personal products don't need to be gluten free" person, that I'm cleaning out all my personal care products and finding gluten free ones. So far I'm loving Shikai shampoo and conditioner, and if anybody has a recommendation for a gentle face cleanser, without sodium lauryl sulfate and gluten, I'd appreciate it. Right now I'm using an old bar of Kiss My Face Olive Oil soap. I also need to find a good face lotion.

For anyone who thinks it doesn't matter, because you've been using whatever you can find and you're not having problems...you never know. I thought I wasn't having any problems, but I'm hoping I found the cause of my rash. It's definitely not acne, because when I use the salicylic lotion on a breakout, it clears it up right away. But this rash hasn't gone away for months.

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Glad you had your light bulb moment! I'm with you on this subject.

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