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Relief For 3 Year Old

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My son's three, recently diagnosed with celiac disease (by serology, family history). He's not reacting as fast to the gluten-free diet as his older brother. Apparently he has DH - not biopsied but considering the rash started to go away once gluten-free, what else could it be? Anyway, he was looking good but then almost 3 weeks ago the little stinker grabbed a bite of a pb&j sandwich at a friend's house. Boom, there comes rash back and ferociously too on his rear/back. It looked like it was easing up but now it's flaring again. Plus, at his follow-up, his TTG levels were higher than the doc wanted to see.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to tame the itchiness for him? He's scratching himself raw. This is the first episode for us. Obviously, what I've used in the past barely put a dent in it.

Thanks for any help!

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