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Hi everyone, this is my first post. So after months and months or trying to figure out what is wrong with my 20 month old, my natural-path finally gave the suggestion that we might be dealing with celiac disease. I got a rec from my pediatrician and got the celiac blood screen test 2 weeks ago; the test takes 30 days to come back (were in Canada). So on the suggestion from my natural-path we started a gluten-free diet right away, because he seemed to be going down hill fast. Now my worries are if the blood screen comes back negative as it often does with children under 3 and the gut biopsy what be viable either because he has been off gluten for longer than 30 days. What should we do? I have seem a difference in just these weeks we have had him of gluten but without a TRUE diagonsis I don't think our family will take it seriously? Any words of wisdom would be wonderful.

ps his symptoms were:

No weight gain in 1 year

yellowing decaying teeth

distended belly

fine thin hair

loose stool

very tired

asthma since age 4 months

chronic ear infections


Thanks in advance!


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Wow, this could have been my post!! Everything you describe is happening to my 16 month old. I know what you mean about the 30 day wait for bloodwork through a naturopath. Anyhow, sorry I'm not much help... just thought I'd mention I'm in the same boat so you're not alone!

Good luck & I hope you find some answers. My daughter's celiac test came back negative but that isn't going to stop me from trying gluten free.

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what to do if you go gluten free now, the blood tests come back negative, and the doc wants a biopsy? well, by then, you'll know if the gluten free diet makes any difference - if it does, say no to the biopsy and keep him gluten free. for some docs the dietary change is enough to diagnose, for others it isn't. but no doctor's approval is needed to maintain a gluten free diet!

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