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Anyone have dry nails and if so what do you do to treat them and does it eventually go away? I have been using Vit. E oil but looking for other suggestions. I did have my thyroid checked and it came back fine. I also take a multi vitamin, calcium, iron and biotin daily. All at different times. Before I was diagnosed I also noticed that my skin was dryer than it should be and my skin on my hands looks thin and shiny like an old person. I am 40! Anyone else have this problem?

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I'm guessing you know to check the vitamin E to make sure it's not from a gluten source like wheat germ. I don't know if that could impact your nails, but it might affect you elsewhere, especially if you're like me and you bite them.

I don't have an issue with my nails, but my hair is dry. I'm looking into ways to fix that. Others suggested omega-3 fatty acids, which might help your nails.

Are you putting anything harsh on them? Doing dishes in the sink without gloves? Harsh household cleansers? You might want to buy gloves for any cleaning you do, and switch any hand soap to something gentle on the skin--and something without alcohol in it. Be sure the gloves aren't powdered.

You might try a humidifier as well.

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