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Don'T Want To Feel Bad Again

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For a nearly a year I was feeling lousy. But my lousy was not a-typical of what I've read about most wheat allergy and celiac's go through. I'm 46 and have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's for 6 years. Until this last year I was fine. But I started to get odd rushes and feelings of being flushed as well as intense feelings of what I felt were anxiety attacks - though I didn't know exactly what I was supoose to be feeling anxious about- I began to think I was going through some mid-life crisis.

Anyway - In May of 2009 I wen to the ER, my TSH was 7.0 My Dr. upped me to 175 (i had neem on 150 for nearly 2 years) I began to geel better but not completely. This past fall, things felt worse. I was having flushed feelings, anxiety etc.., but not stomach cramps, or things like that. I went to my Endo again in November, my numbers had dropped to 1.2 - she said "Your numbers look good" and sent me on my way. At the end of November I was still feeling terrible so I went to my family doctor who prescribed anit-anxiety medication. When I read the possible side effects, I said no-way. I then made an appointment with a psychiatrist. But before that meeting I came across a holistic doctor who said that I had a wheat allergy and possible adreanl exhaustion - it turns out i had a mild case of adrenal exhaustion and a Vitamin D defiecency. I got off wheat and started to feel better. I even cut coffee way down. As I began to feel better I reintroduced a little more coffee (mostly decaf). After a couple weeks I started to feel crappy again but not as bad as prior. After being off all coffee and tea I felt like I had my life again.

In the interim, I found a new endocronologist. I updated him with everything I could, including new extensive bloodwork I had a doctor write for me (TSH .239 - he lowered my synthroid back to 150 - which the holistic DR. said would happen). The new endocronologist wanted me to reintroduce wheat for 3 weeks so he could tell the difference between a wheat allergy and celiac's. I had trepidations about this but yesterday I went to an old bagel store that I loved and had myself a tasty, delicious buttered bagel. It was good. I felt fine. Then this afternoon just 24 hours after I ate the bagel) the whole rushes and flushed feelings with panic came back for a good hour and half two hours. Right now I'm getting over it, but feel a little tired from the ordeal - I told my wife I have issues with doing this for three weeks - what exactly is the doctor going to learn and how does the difference between wheat allergy and celiac's differ. And does anyone else suffer this way?

Thanks for reading the ramble.

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