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has anyone taken a supplement of butyric acid like this one


i got a test done that says my gut ecology is lacking in any sort of helpful bacterias that make butyric acid. it's supposed to help heal the intestines and prevent cancer. wondering if supplement form works, or if i would need to have the actual bacteria present, like clostridum butyricum or butyruvibrio fibrisovens - and if so, how do i get those??


grew up on steroids, allergy meds, antibiotics, birth control, got cytomegalo virus and had IBS ever since

nightshade free 6/09

gluten, dairy, soy free 8/09

corn, nut, legume free 11/09

grain free 12/09 (specific carb diet - awesome)

IBS, asthma and hiatal hernia/reflux now on the outs!

"Jesus went throughout Galilee... healing every disease and sickness among the people." Matthew 4:23

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