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Recommend A Good Gi In Nova?

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Hi everyone,

I am needing to find a GI doctor is more knowledgeable in the area of Celiac disease. My last GI doctor diagnosed me (I did have lab work done through Prometheus) and simply sent me home with a typed list of 25 foods I should avoid. When asking more questions about my diagnosis and about Celiac it was apparent that I actually knew more than they did (having spent months reading and researching), yikes!

I am in Northern Virginia and am really needing someone in the Western Loudoun, Fairfax area.


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i went to a GI doctor in burke, va. he has experience with celiac and is super nice!

dr. charles mcbride


i went to him and he immediately said he wanted to do an endoscopy to see what was going on inside. i complained of bad indigestion and my family is full of cancer. ended up showing inflammation but there was no sign of celiac in the biopsy. i have been told to follow a gluten-free diet and to follow up with the doc in a month. he told me at the time of my endoscopy if it was celiac then i would see a nutritionist.

good luck!

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