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Just Looking For Some Advice

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Hi there to everyone, and congratulations on what seems to be one of the most, informative, and sociable site i've come across, and believe me i've looked at a lot lol.

Any way, I digress, I started looking, cos i have had a recurring rash, that seems to have all my doctors stumped and has had now for about 6 years, so i thought i'd do a bit of detective work myself, and this rash does seem to look like that of, dermatitis hepetiformis, that occurs with wheat intolerances, the only thing i can't seem to find, is when the rash occurs, you see mine seems to have no pattern, and i can have it once a month and then not for a year, i do have a few of the other symptoms, eg; i generally feel like poo, most of the time, and have struggled with depression and other health issues, for what seems like most of my life, so any help, that anybody could give me would be very greatfully accepted.


Sian x

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