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Gi Viruses And Celiac

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My son, Jude, is almost 3 years old and was dx with celiac at 13 months old by biopsy.

Jude had a stomach bug and had diarrhea (and a fever) for a few days. After the diarrhea resolved he continued to have pretty intense stomach pain for more than two weeks. Week three, his pain greatly decreased, but he still complains of pain at meal time and after he eats. His pediatrician started him on Prevacid. She said that the virus caused gastrointeritis and that the stomach acid is causing irritation and pain. She said to try it for two weeks. It's only been 36 hours since we started the prevacid but so far no change in how much he complains of pain.

I think that maybe a weak GI flora could make it harder for him to get over a virus. He does take probiotics daily.

Do any of you feel that your kids with celiac have a more difficult time with GI bugs than the average kid?

Any other thoughts or ideals about why he might still be having belly pain while having normal BM's?

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My son's tummy bugs were worse before his celiac diagnosis, and have gradually disappeared (knock on wood). He still is susceptible to stomach pain unrelated to viruses. For him, it has been constipation - not that we were aware of, since he was still "going", but which was found by xray, and difficulties with other foods. The constipation is unlikely for Jude after his diarrhea, but it is possible that in his weakened state he is having a hard time digesting certain foods that he normally doesn't have a problem with. Corn, soy and milk all gave my son pain early on, but we don't have to limit them anymore. I know your son just started the prevacid, but long term use of prevacid was also one of my son's culprits, so if your son takes any other medications, I'd think about that, too. There are unfortunately many reasons for tummy pain, and I know it is just so frustrating when your child hurts and you can't fix it immediately. I hope Jude feels better soon.

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