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I have been gluten free now for 2 weeks and nothing changed. I understand that it will take time. I am 35 and I remember the onset of the major symptoms beginning at 20 so I get that it will take awhile to feel anything. However, yesterday all day I felt really crummy. My stomach ballooned out so far and it hurt so bad. For the first time ever I think I suffered constipation. But as the evening came, the pain lessened up and it was a different kind of pain that i can't even describe. I finally was able to use the bathroom and I actually had a normal BM. This morning I woke up to a semi flat tummy for the first time in years and the gassy pain is very dull. Is this a good sign that i am healing? Should I be this excited?

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Well it certainly sounds like something is happening! Depending on the severity and locations of damage it can take different amount of time to heal for different people. But since it sounds like the bloating is finally starting to go down in you I think it's safe to feel a bit of joy already. Also keep in mind that your kitchen probably has a few different pieces of equipment that are microscopically contaminated with gluten and so you're probably going to get small amounts of gluten in your system stretching out the healing process.

Best of luck to you and congrats on the first signs of recovery!

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