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Negative Bloodwork... What Should I Do Next?

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I have suffered with chronic constipation, diarrhea, abdominal aches, excessive flatulence, and lactose intolerance all throughout high school. Earlier in the year, I self-diagnosed IBS as the cause of my symptoms. After seeing a Gasteroenterologist, he agreed that I probably had IBS. Months later, although not strictly adhering to an IBS diet, (it has been difficult as I am living at home, and not the main cook in the house,) my doctor suggested Celiac Disease testing. After much research, it seems I've found something that really fits the bill! I haven't had a normal bowel movement in months, but after a day and a half of cutting gluten out of my diet, alas, I had a normal movement! This may sound like a silly victory for most, but it really convinced me. I didn't stop eating gluten any longer than that as I knew I would have to be on a gluten diet for effective test results. Yesterday my TTG and IGA(?) came back negative. I am setting up an appointment with my Gasteroenterologist today, so I will have more specific results to share soon, but I really feel as though I should look further into this disease. I would like to request an intestinal biopsy and a gene test. I am also in the process of contacting an Allergist. Does this seem like the right thing to do? Where should I go from here?

Current Symptoms:

* Recurring bloating and abdominal pain

* Excessive flatulence

* Lactose Intolerance

* Chronic diarrhea and constipation

* Occasional pale, foul-smelling stool

* Mucus in stool

* Joint pain (I also have mild Scoliosis)

* Behavior changes/depression/irritability

* Fatigue, weakness, lack of energy

* Irregular menstrual periods

* Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

* Memory loss, anxiety, concentration issues

Disorders in the family:

* IBS (my father and I)

* Type 1 Diabetes (first cousin)

* Eczema (first cousin, brother)

* Peripheral Neuropathy (aunt)

* Osteoporosis (paternal grandmother)

* Wheat Allergy (aunt)

Sometimes I feel like a hypochondriac, and that I'm just being crazy about my symptoms. Especially being younger, 18, hasn't helped. People don't tend to take my symptoms as seriously. My family tries to adhere to my dietary problems, but I simply don't think they put much thought into it. I get mildly sick at least once a day, and I really want an answer. I feel weird admitting it, but I was kind of sad my tests came back negative. Does this make sense to anyone here? Help, please!

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Hi there! First off let me tell you not to second guess yourself. Dont let people make you think youre crazy. Your feelings and concerns are perfectly valid and if you dont listen to your body you WILL pay for it later. OK so the blood test is very unreliable. You can have Celiac and have a negative blood test. So what you need to do is have a biopsy (make sure you are eating gluten for about 6-4 wks every day before so you dont miss the diagnosis). To complicate things even more, some people dont have a positive biopsy but still have Celiac. I think its worth it to have the biopsy though. If you feel better not eating gluten then dont! But Id go through the testing first.

I have a probelm with the term IBS. I dont think it exists--i just think its a label Drs put on people when there is a GI problem and they dont know what it is, or how to fix it. So keep on trying to find the answer and if your Dr isnt helpful then go to another one. I went to about 4 Drs before I got diagnosed. One Dr doesnt know it all.

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