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  1. Carmel coloring is gluten free in the US-- even if it is manufactured outside of the US it has to match US standards to be served in the US. So i wouldnt blame the carmel coloring. I go to Starbucks all the time and have no problem. Things that DO have gluten there is the Tazo Green Ginger tea, the vanilla in the shakers and sprinkles.
  2. I used to get that when I would have sugary drinks and it was before I was diagnosed. For me it was when I also had bad bacteria in my stomach and I think the sugar would make it react. Maybe try to keep track of when it happens also wouldnt hurt to do a cycle of some anti-bacterials like raw garlic, oil of oregano type of thing. once i got rid of the bad bacteria red face stopped.
  3. Maybe then they should have a label that reads "gluten free....to some". Lol. I think they should switch to no gluten ingredients (that would be more accurate and cuase me to read back of box right away). Yes-- we should all double check the box for ourselves. I know they are TRYING to help-- but they can potenitally be harmful to not call more attention to the fact that the products are made on the same line, when they call so much attention to the gluten free labeling. I know they meant no harm-- but i think it is important that we ask for a strict code when using the term gluten fre
  4. A product that is labeled "Gluten Free" should not contain any gluten-- even if there isnt a law enforcing it. It should mean exactly what it says. If they mean that there arent ingredients in the product-- fine-- say tno gluten ingredients. But I do not think it is fair or safe to consumers to say something is gluten free, when there is gluten in it, regardless of how the gluten found its way into the product. I have fell victim to Trader Joes too many times to count and I think they're a great store in general, but very unsafe for anyone with food allergies or reactions. I will not shop
  5. Hi All! I Just called the emergen-c company to see if their new lemonaide flavor was gluten-free. I had seen on this site before that only the orange flavor was gluten-free, but I just talked to their customer services and she said that they are ALL flavors are gluten free "containing no wheat, rye, barley or oats". Pretty cool!
  6. Yes! They are gluten free. I am always nervous about "natural"...themed products, like Halls natural (im always scared they will have gluten in there), so i personally stay away from those types of flavors. But technically yes-- they have said their products are gluten-free. Feel better!
  7. Hi! I was just wondering the same thing. There is a wonderful post from Sees candy-- who have basically said that almost all of their chocolate is gluten free, with the exception of specialty holiday candy (that may have extra decorative ingredients that may include gluten)....So i am taking this to mean that the majority of their regularly stocked items are gluten-free. Also, there is a thread up from 2007 that has out dated info stating the Ghirardelli is gluten-free...dont be fooled! Make sure to check out the dates on posts. Godiva, Ghirardelli, Rocky Moutain Chocolate Factory are
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