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Positive For Celiac

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Ok ya'll...

Positive for the gene...it's now official.


It's a good thing because I know a lot of my issues are surrounded by the presence of Celiac.

I'm going to try and read this as best I can...

Thyroglobulin Antibody 308.1 0.0 - 60.0 U/mL


IgM was 10 with <10 being negative

IgA was 23 with >13 being positive

HLA-DQ2 Positive

HLA-DQ8 Negative

I don't quite understand the IgA and IgM and where the heck do I find the IgG?? I see that a lot of other tests call for IgA and IgM and IgG and has nothing to do with Celiac, and I am kind of confused. However, I know I have Celiac...as confirmed by both the nurse and the neurologist.

I'm also low on Protein S, Vitamin D, and Iodine. My CBC was not done showing lipids and all that jazz. It would have been nice to compare from a year ago. But oh well. My Vitamin D levels are better because before I remember distinctly being deficient.

-Self-diagnosed gluten/wheat intolerance 2007. Negative (basic) blood test for celiac disease March 2009.

-Diagnosed positive for Celiac 5/11/2010!!

-Vitamin D low (last year was deficient), Iodine low, Protein S low. Balance/dizziness not related to Celiac.

-Elimination diet 11-4-2009 and ended 02-28-2010. Tolerating dairy again. Highly intolerant to soy, sensitive to green peas and corn kernels.

"Oh CRAP! Are you SERIOUS??

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