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King Arthur Flour!

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Just thought I'd share -- just got the latest King Arthur catalog and they are now offering gluten free flours, mixes and specialty bakeware! Always loved this catalog -- now I love them even more!! Now I wish they would start carrying a gluten free sourdough starter!!! Mmmmmmmmm!!

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FYI, I've eaten their brownies, cookie mix, pancake mix, and bread. The Brownies are to DIE for! The cookie mix makes some very yummy chocolate chip cookies that stay moist after cooling (and are still good 2 days later). Their pancake mix is quite good, though I hope they will eventually include info for halving the recipe on the box (I could measure out the powder and figure out what half is but I didn't) b/c it makes way more pancakes than I needed. Froze and reheated well though so not entirely bad.

The bread is as good as many other gluten-free bread mixes (such as gluten-free Pantry, which I like fine), but not particularly better.

I have the muffin mix and chocolate cake mix left to try and am hopeful for both. I didn't even buy the plain gluten-free flour -- I have another blend I like and don't know enough about flours to know how to use it without explicit instructions so I just stuck with their mixes so far.

Downside is they're expensive and only available online for the time being (working on getting them into stores). Their site doesn't advertise this up front (at least I didn't see it), but the price drops if you order 5 items or more, which helps offset the shipping.

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