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Greetings From Another Albertan!

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Hello, all!

My sister who believes she has celiac disease directed me to this site. Four weeks ago my doctor notified me my bloodwork tested positive for celiac disease. He said, in fact, that the number is so high it is off the charts. Anyway, I have a consultation with a gastroenterologist in August for a gastroscopy to confirm.

Soooo, I was instructed to go gluten-free immediately which I did, just three days before leaving for a three-week holiday to Croatia and Italy. :D Tough to do but I printed restaurant cards in those languages to take along and did my very best. My husband and I just returned from Europe and I have been doing as much research as possible as I want to be informed. Part of that research has been reading many posts.

The reason I requested to be tested to begin with is that my above-mentioned sister is in the process and as it is hereditary I thought I should do my part. Had I not requested it I would not have known about celiac disease as I am asymptomatic which is tricky. I have no idea what causes flare-ups, etc. as I do not have that happen! However, I do have herniated discs, degenerative disc disease and chronic myofascial pain - perhaps becoming gluten-free will help ease my horrible pain. I have read here that other members suffer(ed) from back pain as well. It is very difficult to travel with such pain but we have a house in Croatia and I LOVE it there! So, I have to do it - I must continue to live life.

After being gluten-free (and I am adhering strictly) for nearly four weeks I feel no different whatsoever. My GP said my remaining bloodwork is perfect - I am not anemic, etc. and I have always had energy. Other than my chronic back pain and insomnia for many years (?related) I do not have issues (as far as I can tell!).

Are there others out there with the same issue - no GI problems, etc. by which you can gauge wellness and whether gluten-free is helping?? My dear husband is going gluten-free as well to avoid any possibility of cross contamination.

It really is lovely to join this group! I have learned a lot of information already... ;)

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