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I have been gluten free for a year now and boy do I feel alot better than what I did a year ago. But on the down side, I am a college student and I live in the dorms. When I was at home I felt great. My headaches and stomach problems were almost non existant and I had so much more energy but ever since I started school in the fall my energy leval is low and I have a headache and stomach issuse almost everyweek. At first my reactions to gluten was small just a headache and mild tummy pain. And the reactions have gotten worse.The first day I have a headache with mild tummy pain but as the night progresses I have, well you know, then in the morning I have no energy and still have tummy issuses. I have even had to miss class a few times. My question is will my reactions continue to get worse? And any suggestions on how recover quiker? i know it is a silly question but I thought I would ask it anyway. I hope to get an apartment next year so i can avoid the school food but still this is kind of scary to think that I will have to deal this the rest of my life.


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What are you typically eating? If you eat in the dorm cafeteria do they know you need gluten-free food or are you just taking things the "seem" safe. If you are going to be eating there you need to talk to them and figure out what is really safe. There are so many ways for cross-contamination to occur in a cafeteria. Fo example if you take salad from a salad bar--has anyone before you dropped a crouton in the lettuce bin and then picked it out again--the lettuce is now unsafe for you if you come right behind that person. If you get scrambled eggs in the morning are they prepared right next to the toast or are the prepared in pans previously used for for other gluten-containing food? There are just many variables for you to eat their blindly without talking to the people in charge. If you talk to them they may be able to do things for you that would make it safe--like hold out a plate of salad before putting the bin out on the bar where it can be contaminated.

Besides eating in the caf, there are a lot of gluten-free food you can make in the dorms. Do you have a mini fridge and microwave in your room? You really should try to get those if you don't have them. There are many things you can prepare in the microwave that would be safe. Baked potatoes, popcorn, steamed veggie packs, you can even make rice and cook chicken in a microwave. There are also a number of gluten-free microwave meals out there. Amy's makes some frozen meals. You can also get canned soups that are gluten free to heat up.

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