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Reaction To Protein Powder

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I've been on a gluten free diet now for about 2 weeks. I seem to be feeling a lot better overall, but have an issue with Biochen Vegan Protein. I make a shake in the morning and end up with diarrhea around noon or so. This product says it is gluten free and lactose free. If I skip the shake I seem to be fine. I'm wondering why I am having this problem, or if there is another product out there they won't cause this issue.


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Hi Dave,

I'm glad you're feeling better. You're going to have a series of ups and downs for the next few months. I'm wishing you many "ups"!

The best advice I've received for coping with this disease has been on this forum. What I've learned here is that at first it is best to stick with whole foods that you have prepared yourself.

You may also find that you have other intolerances to certain foods, like soy, dairy or certain vegatables (usually nightshades... like peppers, eggplant, legumes, tomatoes) or corn. Your protein powder probably has one or more of those as an ingredient. If I was gambling on which it was, I'd eliminate soy first, but that was my situation, and not necessarily your's.

Your digestive system is irritated right now. KISS is what I try to live by. (Keep it simple, stupid.) Your white blood cells that have been attacking gluten are in battle mode, poised to fight other similar proteins, or even minute bits of gluten that you happen to ingest.

Your WBC may simmer down if you stick with whole fresh veggies and fruits and rice and real protein from fish or meat and/or eggs or nuts so that you can reintroduce dairy and other things after a period of time. Soy gives me such a horrendous reaction that I'm not sure I'll ever try it again, but if I do, I'll try derivatives or fermentations first. Again, good luck!

I'm almost six months gluten-free/Soy Free/Dairy free and went spendy for a protein mix at a health food store that claims to be gluten-free/SF/DF as well as corn/egg/preservative free, and it has sat on my counter for over a week because I'm scared to give it a whirl.

You could also be experiencing cross contamination or gluten withdrawal... Good luck with your journey to good health! You're on the right path...there's going to be a few bumps in the path down the right road. But remember that your worst days now are better than your best days then, and you'll find it easier to cope with the challenges.

Good luck!

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