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Intense Stinging Skin

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It was never confirmed that I had Celiac. My doctor thought it was what I had, however the blood tests came back negative and the doctor that did my endoscopy was a jerk and didn't feel I had it so he didn't test for it. I did have the blood test for the gene done and I do have the gene. I did do an elimination diet for about 3 months. I found it so hard and because I didn't have concrete proof that this is what I had I failed at the diet. I have still been having all of my old digestive issues, however today something new started. I started having this intense stinging sensation on the sensitive skin area of my upper arms. It feels like needles poking my skin x100. It is a little red but there are no blisters. There are a few small red bumps but it doesn't look like a rash. Everytime anything touches my skin in that area the stinging is so intense. Even when nothing is touching my skin I am still having the pain. Has anyone else experienced this or know what this could be. It is driving me crazy and I'm in a lot of pain. I am also having discomfort in my lower abdomen.

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