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Cross Contamination: Reason To Worry This Much?

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I got new pots because my old ones were 20+ years old. These new pots will never have the slime of wheat pasta stuck in the cracks. You do need your own toaster, colander, cutting board especially if your old one is wooden. Wooden spoons that stirred wheat flour cookies you wouldn't want to use for gluten-free cooking. Just think about the things with cracks or crevices that flour could stick in. Wheat flour is very sticky, so its hard to get out of the holes in a colander.

You won't want to use pb or butter tubs that someone would double dip a knife into. The knife will definitely leave crumbs.

That said, I hope we all don't have to be too extreme. I have heard of people who make guests change clothes before coming into the house because they might have a crumb.

I live in a mixed household. I use red colored tape on my pb, etc so no one else uses it. I also got red cooking utensils so we know not to stir pasta with them.

What about bamboo cutting boards? Should those be replaced, post-diagnosis?

Diagnosed with Celiac in 2010. Diagnosed with sleep apnea 2018.

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