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  1. I am referring to how a restaurant makes sushi. they mKe it sticky somehow and when i googled it the article said the...
  2. Kimbalou

    Would This Bother You?

    RMJ...exactly! thats what bothered me the most, was she mentioned she thought about it but didnt buy anything i could...
  3. I just recently found out sushi rice is not gluten free. So, I've stopped eating sushi. Maybe your neighbor was thinking...
  4. Kimbalou

    Would This Bother You?

    I never expect to be catered to. I guess my point is people are insensitive...especially when they say oh sorry...and...
  5. Sometimes I don't know if I am just too sensitive or if people are just plain rude and insensitive. Yesterday at work...
  6. The bigger picture might be to ask yourself if you really want to keep living with a guy like this. Doesn't respect you...
  7. Kimbalou

    My Potluck Comment

    It only bothered me because she came right out and said "Too bad you can't eat this...it's really good!" While shoving...
  8. Kimbalou

    My Potluck Comment

  9. Kimbalou

    My Potluck Comment

    Tee hee...thanks! It was rude the way it happened, she said this while shoving the cake in her mouth. Maybe next time...
  10. Kimbalou

    My Potluck Comment

    Exactly! She did exactly that...made that comment while shoving it in her face. People don't get it. But she also sends...
  11. Kimbalou

    Work Potluck

    Could it possibly be something you ate the day before? Sometimes my symptoms don't show up until the next day.
  12. So today at work we are having a potluck. Everyone kept talking about how wonderful the carrot cake was. On and on and...
  13. Kimbalou

    Coping With Hives

    I broke out in hives after taking Penicillin a few months ago. First time having hives. I thought I was going to die...
  14. Hi. Just curious if you eat the same types of foods all the time. I have such a sensitive stomach, I am thinking about...
  15. Kimbalou

    Upset With Culvers

    I agree with just telling restaurant workers you have an allergy. Then they get it. And they dont want you to stop breathing...