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Which Tests To Request?

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Hi! I had posted last week that my son who has alot of neuro symptoms and responded very well to a gluten free diet was tested for celiac. After a 5 week gluten challenge he tested negative for ttg-iga. Now I hear those with neuro symptoms show up in the AGA. Anyway, I want to request what tests I want done from the doctor. What all should I request? All she tested for was the ttg-iga.

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omg, why do they only order 1 test sometimes??

um- well, a more complete order would include: antigliadin antibodies iga & igg, ttg iga & igg, endomysial antibodies, and Total Iga Serum. (if your kid is Iga deficient, then all the Iga tests could be inconclusive/false negative)

there's a newer test i learned about on here with more accuracy: Deamidated Antigliadin Antibodies.

then of course there's also a genetic test which doesnt really give u the complete answer.

also know that there's a 20% false negative rate for Celiacs. it can be tricky, if you look at my results below- the Ema is ONLY SPECIFIC to Celiac, and my low iga probably gave me low ttg numbers... but with a quick glance my docs just gave me a "gluten sensitive" dx. as far as they were concerned at the moment- my tests were inconclusive.

so it's good to get ALL those tests, request a copy for your own records, and learn it all. and of course explore the diet if your child feels better.

1986- Elevated Speckled ANA/no Lupus.negative Sjorgens

2008- AntiGliadin IGA/IGg~ Negative,TTG IGA/IGg~ Weak Positive, Endomysial Antibody~ Positive, IGA Deficient.

no biopsy (insurance denied)

6/2010- Enterolab Gene Test:

HLA-DQB1 Allele 1 0302

HLA-DQB1 Allele 2 0302

HLADQ 3,3 (subtype 8,8)

7/2010- 100% Gluten Free

8/2010- DH

10/2010-Hypothyroid dx-> 12/2010 Hashimoto's dx + 1/11- Graves dx :(

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