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Communion, Gluten, And Celiac Tests

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I was wondering about communion and to figure out if I can take it, I suppose I should get a celiac-test.

My only question is whether or not this is advisable since these tests are not accurate enough and plus I already feel good gluten-free.

So what would be the best test for celiac? Should I take it (maybe multiple times?)?

Thanks all!

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No, I don't think a celiac test will help with this decision. It is a pass/fail test - doesn't matter how many times you take it. And if you are gluten free, you almost certainly will fail it - every time, since it measures the antibodies you are making to gluten. Now if you are willing to eat a full gluten diet for three months, then you might have a chance of passing it :o


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Yes, as mushroom said, if you are already gluten free the tests will be negative. If you already know gluten makes you sick, just keep avoiding it. You don't need a doctor's permission to eat gluten free.

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