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New Celiac

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ROCK is a movement founded my Dana Korn. It is an acronym for Raising Our Celiac Kids.

This is a good list of safe foods, but has some incorrect (or outdated) information in the unsafe list.

MSG, margarine, food color and spices are gluten-free. Most, but not all, salad dressings are gluten-free. In ten years, I have yet to find a pickle that actually contains gluten, but it is possible.

Crest and Colgate toothpastes are all gluten-free--all versions.

Unless ice cream has an obvious gluten source (cookie dough, cookie crumbs), it is almost always gluten-free. Nowadays, wheat is a top allergen that will be clearly disclosed. Maybe malted barley as a sweetener, but I doubt it.

Processed cheese is not something about which I worry. Again, I am ten years into the diet, and haven't found one where they were dumb enough to add wheat.

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