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How Do You Really Know?

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My question is about "gluten free" products on the market. Are they trustworthy? I am newly diagnosed, learning a great deal everyday, but wondering how much I can trust the accuracy of a product labeled gluten free. Things like Bob's Red Mill seem to be something that I can trust... and Amy's meals, but I wonder from those that have experience... can I really trust them? Are gluten free oats really okay? And packages foods labeled gluten free?

I would really love some advice. It is important that I am strict gluten free because this disease has affected my kidneys. Thanks!

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Many companies now have gluten-free plants or buildings to process only gluten-free . Others use the same lines to do wheat & gluten-free products but generally they are cleaned before & or after each use. Some gluten-free people will only buy from places that only do gluten-free, others who are not quite as sensitive will buy products from lines that produce wheat & gluten-free. It is a personal choice depending on how sensitive you are or will be. The rule of thumb is no more that 20ppm....to beconsidered safe....

Also some can't eat certain brands of products even if it is gluten-free.because of one or more of the other ingredients IE:some react to corn, tapioca, soy so if that is in say a Bob'sRed Mill product they would not use that product.

It is a learning curve for each person...I personally use Pamela's, some Amy's but I react to Bob's Red Mill so I don't use that ... others use Bob's with no problems at all....

Take your time & try a new item every few days that way you will beableto pinpointwhatmay or may not cause yourbody problems...

Oats gluten-free is again another choice. I never reacted to oats gluten-free or not but others cannot tolerate any oats gluten-free or not. If you are newt o the gluten-free diet you may want to hold off on oats for a year or so to give your system time enough to heal before adding oats..For some fiber & lots of protein causes problems when starting out on the gluten-free lifestyle.

I strongly believe in digestive enzymes & probiotics on the gluten-free lifestyle.

Take your time to learn all you can &you will do fine & have better restored health...

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people say they have issues with Amy's because of cc... but i dont think i have... while i was itching one time from Blue Diamond Pecan Thins...

the thing is- some of these places could have cc... BUT- i think a big problem is just overdoing the gluten free substitutes- because many of these products are tested at <20ppm... and if you're really sensitive and you're eating too much- the cumulative amount of gluten may be too much for you.

the other issue- is that a lot of us Celiacs and gluten intolerants cannot handle too many grains or starches... ie: potato starch, corn starch , corn flour, tapioca, garbanzo bean flour, etc, etc, etc... it's just too much..

right now im eating certified gluten free oatmeal (premade in packets- this one is maple raisin)- but i picked most of the raisins out cause of my fructose issues. and i havent had any problems with it

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