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Only Two Tests Done. Is That Enough?

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My doctor ordered a few tests to test for Celiac's. They were:

Tissue Transglutaminase AB IGA < 3 U/mL

IGA, serum 171 mg/dL

He also ordered a wheat allergy test:

Wheat IgE < 0.35 KU/L

Is this enough to definitively say that I do not have Celiac's?

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I have celiac and my TTG AB IGA was positive at over 100, but my IGA serum was normal. I didn't have the wheat allergy test. My endoscopy was also positive.

My other blood tests that were positive were:



I have heard there are false negatives, but not too many false positives. I guess the endoscopy would be able to possibly clear it up for you.

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Your serum IGA test is to make sure that you are a normal antibody producer. Your result appears to be mid-normal range. So the only test for the actual disease that he ran was the Tissue Transglutaminase IGA. Many doctors consider that to be the most definitive test, but most will also run the EMA (endomysial antibodies) and the new DGP (deamidated gliadiin peptide) which is now being considered as a more useful test.. It is possible to test positive on only one of the tests and have the rest be negative which is why they normally run a full panel. If you were not a normal IGA producer then it would be important to do the IgG testing too. So, no, I would not rule out celiac disease with just the one test.

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