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hi All-

I am wondering if I could have Celiac's disease. I have a long history of GI issues (mainly diarrhea and cramping), but over the last year or so have been experiencing major constipation. It feels like my whole GI system just shuts down- major bloating, spasms (feels like my whole stomach/ intestines are spasming but not moving anything a long if that makes sense). I also feel very shakey and weak when this occurs. Usually I stop eating altogether for a few days and it backs off. Last time it occurred I went gluten free at my dr's suggestion and felt wonderful. Unfortunately, once I started feeling better I went back to gluten and now am experiencing the whole thing again. Has anyone experienced this as part of their Celiac's Disease? I also get a lot of general weakness, fatigue and numbness and tingling. Also, honestly I get incredibly grouchy when having these symptoms too- is this part of it all? (or just a personality flaw in me hehe?)

I did have a blood test for Celiacs last year which was negative (not sure what sort of test though)

Does this sound familiar to any of you? Definitely back on the gluten free wagon again- CAn NOT stand feeling so awful. Hoping I will start to feel better soon and not CHEAT!

Thanks in advance for any input.


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Your improvement after going gluten free certainly means something doesn't it? It could be celiac or it could be gluten intolerance, but either way it is a gluten problem.

Welcome to the site! :)

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