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  1. Before diagnosis yes. After diagnosis and being gluten free no. Hope this helps!
  2. Seratonins is often associated with depression, fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Here is a web site describing...
  3. Teri Lou

    Feeling Terrible

    I know when I was first diagnosed it seemed I was sensitive to EVERYTHING! Have you tried cutting out caffeine, fatty...
  4. Have you seen a dr lately? My Dad can't eat many of those things due to diverticulitis.....might be worth getting a check...
  5. So sorry to hear how poorly you are feeling. Can definitely sympathize with you as I have lupus, and went through a lot...
  6. Hi- I am having a massive DH breakout and the only thing I can think it would be from is Cheetos...everything else I...
  7. I wonder if you could have lymphocytic colitis? Since the lymphocytes are high. I had that initially and was told to...
  8. At this point it probably wouldn't hurt to try gluten free just to see if made a difference...also what meds are they...
  9. Teri Lou

    Heat Rash

    I have lupus and get that sort of a heat rash when exposed to the sun. Have you noticed any sort of photosensitivity...
  10. With regular fevers that high I would see a specialist. Some of the symptoms sound like Celiac but I haven't heard of...
  11. Fish Tacos with Citrus and Shredded Lettuce on Teff Tortillas
  12. Teri Lou

    Seafood, Fish Recipes

    I'm addicted to Fish Tacos lately- the easy way to do it is to marinate tilapia with fajita seasoning mix (gluten-free...
  13. Tonight I am going for the comfort food....meatloaf and broccoli, cheddar, baked potatoes
  14. Teri Lou


    I have had buckwheat and rice based pasta which were both pretty good, although it seems weird to think the buckWHEAT...