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I went to my new PCP today since I havn't been there in over a year. I was going over a list of things I wanted to discuss and we got on the subject of my hands and feet. After much explaination to her she said that I definately have Raynauds. I have suspected this for may years even before I knew I had celiac. This year has been especially bad on my hands, I seem to have an attack almost every day and especially at work. My hands will get so cold and turn whitish blue. In desparation I will try and warm them up from my own body heat or running them under warm water. Then the weird looks come from people wanting to know what is wrong with my hands because they are beet red. :blink: The doc suggested me trying verapamil (lowest dose I think 40 mg twice a day) and see if it helps. I also talked to her about these headaches I get. She said they sound more like a migraine and said that the verapamil can help that to and that both things could be related. Anyone else tried this? Also any brands that are gluten free? I did find some info that mylan and watson were, but I want to double check. I did read the inactive ingredients and no red flags there. She also is trying to determine if it is primary or secondary..I think she is leaning toward secondary. She also sent me for blood tests for ANA and cryoglobulins. So we shall see. I was hoping to not develope anymore autoimmune diseases...GEEZE :P

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