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Help Gluten Intolerance?

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Hi I'm new here. For the past 6 months I have been bloated after eating eating,constipated, gas, extremely irritible, dark circles, hair loss, mild weight gain. Sluggishnigh, fatigue. I had a battery of tests done thyroid, hormone, lyme to name a few. I also had the celiac test done my GI thought thats what it was. NEGATIVE ughhh she said I still could be gluten intolerant does anyone have any thoughts?

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Hi linzenilss22.

First, if you don't already, I would make sure you get copies of your testing so you can see for yourself what the levels were. What celiac tests did you have done? I am asking because some Dr.s don't run all of the ones needed.

The tests do not need to be positive for you to try gluten-free. I would also take dairy out for a while.

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