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Testing In Progess...thoughts?

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I've been very anemic for several years.

After drinking a liquid iron supplement (Floradix) for 6 mnths, my ferritn levels were still significantly low (3mg).

My Dr. wanted to know why I'm not absorbing iron and sent me through a battery of tests.

My Results:

Blood test for celiac = Negative

Blood test for celiac gene = Positive (the common one, 2 I think)

I just had a colonoscpy and endoscopy performed. Biopsies were taken and I have to wait for results.

I do feel like I am sensitive to wheat products (they make me moody and sleepy very fast).

I am a competitive athlete and have always watched what I put in my mouth and how it affects my performance / how I feel.

I personally think I am a dead ringer for Celiac but wanted some other opinions.

Plus, my Dr said I can have the celiac gene but not develop celiac. Is that true?

Thanks in advance!!

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Since you have had all the tests done go ahead and go strictly gluten free. You don't have to wait on the test results and there is a chance of a false negative so no matter what the results are you need to try the diet.

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