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Really Important Question...!

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Hello everyone,

I have just come back from an appointment with my gastro and he decided I should undergo an endo test.

He told me that its considered accurate but that it is possible that it will be inconclusive for diagnosis of celiac.

I have done some reading about it and i asked him if i should up my gluten intake to make the test more reliable. Its been two months since my blood test diagnosis, and since then i have reduced my gluten intake dramatically - but not completely (i eat something small with gluten every couple of days).

He told me that its enough to make the test accurate - but i guess he wanted to placate me so he told me 2 pieces of bread a day should be enough.

I have been feeling better since reducing my gluten intake and i feel terrible to have to re-introduce it at this new quantity - but i also dont want to undermine the possibility of being correctly diagnosed.

long story short - i dont know what to make of my gastro's advice. if i hadn't said anything i would keep my current intake, but now that i have im not sure what do to.

any and all replies would be GREATLY appreciated!

much thanks - ido

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Well if you had positive blood work you need to be gluten free no matter what the endo results. For the best chance of not getting a false negative you should be consuming at least 4 - 6 slices of bread a day.

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