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The Fluffy Assassin

Red Lobster 2011

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So my 90 year old dad's girlfriend for her 90th birthday wanted to go to Red Lobster. Previous posts here indicated that I could get by there by ordering broiled fresh fish, unseasoned steamed vegetables, and a plain baked potato. However, this time out, I saw that there was a notice on the menu that allergy sufferers should ask the server for Red Lobster's allergen menu. So I asked, and she brought me the usual photocopied sheets with charts showing every possible "allergen" with dots to indicate which menu items include them. Virtually every item included gluten, including the fresh fish. They didn't break out the individual fresh fish cooking methods; it's still possible that broiled would have been OK. But the menu was definitive: "has gluten" was what it said. I also don't eat dairy or soy; with those added, I was totally shut out from the Red Lobster menu. So I had to give her my very best wishes, and go home to eat.

Don't get me wrong; I'm glad Darden has finally come across with gluten information. But what I'd really like to see is a gluten-free menu. How hard is this?

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that sucks, I'm so sorry. I don't eat out often and when I do, with groups of people, I don't eat. I just order a drink or coffee.

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