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Am I Doing It Backwards?

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I had stomach pains and had endoscopy done. They saw some redness and irritation in my stomach and did a biopsy. They told me there was some indication I might be celiac and had me do a blood test (I should have the results in a couple of days).

I had been trying to stick to a gluten-free diet because I had self diagnosed myself with gluten intolerance. I did cheat once in a while though. From what I've read here, most likely my blood test will come back negative since I hadn't had much gluten in me.

What I am curious about is the order in which the testing is done. It sounds like everybody does the blood test first and then the biopsy...and I am doing it the other way around. So, the fact that the biopsy wasn't ver clear and showed a possibility of celiac, does that mean that the blood test is basically useless?

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Hmm...most people do go the other way around...why did the doc scope you? Were they looking for something else and just happened to see something that made them think of celiac? If that were the case, I could see why they would scope you first.

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