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  1. Nat1

    Celiac Linked To Candida

    I found this website... I know most of them are bs but this one seems different. I think Threelac could realy be a solution...
  2. Nat1

    Celiac Linked To Candida

    Apparently, birth control pills contribute to candida growth. I had no idea!
  3. You guys might already know this but it was news to me. I think this is a very important piece of information... My...
  4. Nat1

    What's Up With The Gas?

    Got some fennel tea over lunch and it does seem to be helping!
  5. Nat1

    What's Up With The Gas?

    OK good to know that will progbably pass. I've been gluten-free for several months but started to really stick to eat...
  6. I hadn't had this symptom before and all of a sudden, I have this horrible gas stuck inside me every single day. I am...
  7. What a story! Thank you for sharing!
  8. I am totally confused and would appreciate some help before I see my doc in a few weeks. I had been following a gluten...
  9. Nat1


    I don't understand something...One of my symptoms is water retention in my thighs and stomach. When I first when gluten...
  10. Nat1

    I Got Glutened Yesterday :(

    I am sorry to hear that Unfortunately, things like that are bound to happen once in a while. Don't let this discourage...
  11. Wow, what incredible stories! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing!!! I really needed to hear them; now my journey doesn't seem...
  12. As a new member to the community, for my personal inspiration and I am sure for the insipiration of the other newbies...
  13. Thank you so much everybody! Great ideas here. It sounds like I need to expand my concept of breakfast
  14. Do you eat them for breakfast though?
  15. I desparately need some ideas. Being gluten free, dairy and egg free, what can I have for breakfast that is high in protein...