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Interpeting Bloodwork Results

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I have never posted on here but have read for a couple of days now. My 3 year old son has had some syptoms of celiac and we have the blookwork done a week ago and got the results back which says celiac disease extemely unlikely and celiac gene pairs not present. There is one item I don't understand and I am hoping someone can help me out.

His results were Tissue Transglutaminase AB, IGA, A <1.2 U/ml reference value <4

Immunoglobulia A (IgA, S 44 mg/dl reference value 27-246.

Those are good numbers I know.

They did a HLA-DQ typing and this is what I am not understanding what they mean or if the numbers mean anything.

DQ alpha 1 02:01,03

DQ beta 1 03:01, 03:03

Does anyone know what that means regarding the dq alpha 1 and dq beta 1 numbers?

I guess we may be back to square 1 to try and figure out his problems.

Thanks for any and all help.

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If you are done with testing give a good strict try on the diet. If I am not mistaken he has one of the same genes I do. Doctors told my DD that her blood and biopsy diagnosis was an error because she carrys that same gene not one of the 2 most often associated. By the way my blood tests consistantly came back negative also but I have now been firmly diagnosed celiac for 9 years. Blood tests and biopsy do have a high false negative rate and you have nothing to lose by doing a strict diet trial.

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