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Preparation For Celiac Testing?

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Hello -

I am new to this board. My brother has Celiac disease. He was diagnosed a few years back. At the time, the feeling from my PCP was that if I was not having symptoms, then I should not be tested. Since that time, I have developed thyroid disease. I first became hyperthyroid during a postpartum period. Thyroid reverted to normal on its own but my TPOab were 900. I have been followed by an Endo since the initial diagnosis. I have never gone hypo (or at least yet....bw is pending). I went in for a visit today b/c I have become symptomatic (weight gain, heavy menstrual bleeding, heart palps, tremors). I also have iron-deficiency anemia and low Vit. D levels. When my Endo heard of the family h/x of Celiac, she said she wanted to test me. She did a full panel on me today but I have been looking over these forums and I see that some people prepare for the blood work. I did not do anything. Gluten is normally in my diet but I do not eat huge amounts of it. Will this skew my results?

Thanks for any thoughts....advice....input...!

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