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Coughing/mucous Production, Role Of Sugar

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I have not been diagnosed by a medical doc, ut now have had strange, couhging and mucous producing symptoms now, after having a bad case of the flu over Christmas and New Years, last year, and was sick for 6 wks.

Now have an ongoing nagging cough which my OMD (chinese) says is reactive airway secondary to inflammation that began during the flu. In looking for food related issues, because my coughing clearly gets worse when I eat prepackaged anything, pastry, flour anything, chips, cookies, ice cream, etc. and better when I don't, I came upon candida, celiac and gluten intolerance as possible culprits. I was also reminded that I have had intermitent GI distress & issues over the past 10 years.

GI history -- I think of myself as a healthy person, but have had a 2 yr stint with what seemed like stress related ibs that diminished after I finished school. I am a self regulator, for good or ill. I regained my health and weight and had no further trouble for a couple years. Then I had a return of incessant diarrhea & strange bout of pain in my right side, and poor digestion and did go to a doc thinking it might be appendicitis. Was eventually diagnosed as gastroenteritis. I eventually stopped the symptoms using a chinese herbal combo called "stomach tabs."

During that time i went down to a size 0 and felt rather unwell. I tried eliminating all kinds of foods from my diet but not rigorously. The chinese meds worked, and I let it go again, back to my normal carb focused diet, craving sweets and fats.

With this ongoing cough issue, I've also been having some GI gas and gurgling. Putting 2 and 2 together, I decided to stop eating anything that made me cough or gurgle. Now I am wondering if anyone else who has experience with candida, gluten, or celiac, has had the involvement of coughing and/or other allergic reactions. I do not have any really overt GI symptoms now, but my system is getting used to eating more meat and veggies, and practically no flour related starches or candy or desserts of any kind.

But almost anything sweet or snacky that is commercially prepared, even organic, makes me cough. Would just really like to hear if anyone else has experienced upper respiratory, bronchial symptoms in addition to GI.



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I have had some nasty upper respiratory symptoms that came with celiac. Chronic bronchitis and asthma. Both resolved once I had been gluten free for a short time. Are you gluten free? If you want to be tested for celiac you need to eat gluten until the tests are done. If you are not going to get tested you may want to go strictly gluten free for a while as your symptoms, even though sort of off and on, do sound like you could be one of us.

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