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Gail Marie

Doctors For Food Intolerances

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The Dr. that diagnosed me with gluten intolerance is no long in practice. He was a regular M.D. Is there a specific Dr. one should see? Does everyone else see a reg. M.D.? I was thinking of doing the antibody test again, just to see where I am. Should repeat tests be done? Like my Dr. told me I may be able to consume milk/casien products again, when? boy, I'm full of questions, hopefully someone will have some answers.

Health & Happiness to all,


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If you were diagnosed with postive blood work your new GP can rerun the blood work to see what levels your antibodies were at. I found an allergist who was good at dealing with intolerances and was mainly responsible for my finally being diagnosed. Not all will deal with intolerances so do ask questions before scheduling an appointment. As far as the dairy issue goes you could try adding it back in and watching for a reaction. Reactions for intolerances can take time to build up so you might not notice anything for up to a week or so. When you add it back in consume dairy 3 times a day and you might want to go with low lactose items like yogurt and hard cheeses first.

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