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Kathleen Smith

Advice On Feeling So Sick

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Hi Everyone, I havent been on in awhile. I am diagnosed and gluten free just over two years. The fisrt year was rough as it is with most, learning hidden gluten, not feeling great and then accepting you may be one of the ones that can only eat whole foods. I am lucky to have a super great nutritionist who assists me with supplements (all gluten free and everything free). I went to her about 9 months ago b/c with all the doctors and all the tests (even the Celiac Center at Columbia University in NYC) I was still feeling nausous most days. It was then when I stopped all processed gluten free foods. I cut out soy, rice and corn. I was steadily eating fruit, veggies, greek yogurt, lean protein and liking it. Occassionally, I would buy the gluten-free crackers or hummus on a holiday or corn chips and salsa for parties and sometimes I tolerated it fine, sometimes not. But that was not often I did that.

So I was cruising along finally feeling better. That lasted about 8-9 months. Now just last Sunday I am nausous (bad), have the brain fog, so super tired....like a full body systemic reaction. It stinks. It makes you re-question everything.

was I glutened?

I did start thyroid meds, levothyroxine and it has cornstarch in it. I know its not gluten but maybe it just being a grain I my body is confusing it for gluten?

Any info or words of wisdom. Even being knwowledgeable of celiac, sometimes it hard to believe how aweful you can feel. And why so long? If I was glutened shouldnt it be getting better by now? Is this the autoimmune part and my body is just freaking out?

Thank you for listening,hope you are all feeling well.

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When I get glutened and I stop eating the thing that is glutening me, I start to improve after 24 hours. My celiac son keeps getting worse for 24 hours and then starts to improve. It seems to differ and that can be really confusing.

Corn is often contaminated by wheat. I bought a bucket of corn and I go through it and remove the wheat berries before I wash and eat it. Your corn starch may have been made with a corn sample like that. It sounds like you are sensitive to very low levels of gluten since you had to stop eating processed foods to feel healthy.

I am also sensitive to very low levels and I eat very little in the way of anything processed.

It might be your thyroid meds. Have you heard of a compounding pharmacy? You can explain your extreme gluten sensitivity to them and they can make your meds up from scratch being sure not to include any possibly contaminated items. They also need to clean their equipment well before making up your order.

I hope that helps.

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